Hyde Family Photos

We recently received a packet of photos, mostly of the Hyde Family of Baker City
We did a little searching to determine if the family lived in Baker County
The Mother Mary E. died in Baker County in 1928
The 1920 Census lists her as a widow, living in her own home with son James H. (43) and Ed R. Parker (73, her brother).
Many of the photos were taken by Parker Studio, Baker City.
We would like to return these photos to the Hyde Family.

Parker Studio Photo

Mary E. (Mother), James H., George C., Henry G., Charles C., Norma L., and Clarendon D.
(birth order from census)

All Parker Studio, no names

Norma L. Hyde (Click to Enlarge)
I think I will adopt her, or at least her photos!!

More Hyde Children (Click to Enlarge)

Possibly one of the Hyde Children's Family

Norma Hyde (Age 17, born 1911)
Daughter of Henry G. and Edna Hyde
1930 Census, Umatilla County, Oregon

We would like to return these photos to the Hyde family, please Contact Us



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