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Wallowa School

     The first teacher in Wallowa was Reverend Milton S. Anderson beginning in June 1876. The school was held for 1 month when it was halted by an scare of an Indian attack. Schools during this time usually were held for 3 months.
     They were held in the fall and spring during a time of good weather.

Students were:

Findley Children
Rachel Jane
George Florence


McNall Children


Powers Children
William Anna
Frank James
Boyd Children



Diamond Prairie School

January 11, 1895

School Report for District 12 for the month beginning Dec 3, 1894 and ending January 3, 1895

No. of boys enrolled 17
No. of girls enrolled 20
No.  belonging 30
Average daily attendance 27
No. of days taught 20
No of visitors 15

Those pupils whose name are on the Roll of Honor:

James and Lindsay Conner
James Wingate
Ivan Pratt
Effie Evans
and William Womack
Jesse Palmer
Hattie Lockwood

Teacher: Minna R Day 

This school was at sometimes in news stories called the Diamond Prairie school. It was located near the intersection of the North Bear Cr. Rd and Lower Diamond Lane.  The school building was moved to South Main St. by Charlie Brown and used as a store after the school was closed.
(Information by Jennie Hayes Conklin)

February 8, 1895     School Report

Report of school in District 12 for the month ending February 1, 1895

No of days taught 20
No of pupils belonging 29
Average Daily Attendance 25
No of Visitors  10

 Those standing the highest average in the written examination:

Name Grade
James Wingate   Grade A
Hattie Lockwood  
Anna Conner
Grade B
William Womack Grade C

Those pupils whose names are on the honor roll are:

James Lindsay

Robert and Anna Conner

Ivan Pratt

Jesse Palmer

Annie Myers

Hattie and Claude Lockwood

Pearl, Fannie and Wm Womack

Jesse Long

James Barton

James Wingate

Minna R Day   Teacher  

The Progressive   Party held many of their political rallies at this school in the late 1890s.

Found in the Aurora Newspaper published in Joseph and Enterprise.   


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