Wallowa Marriage Database Corrections

Shortly after this database went on line we learned there were errors in the papers we were working from.  Many people make mistakes, we figured there would be a few, Wrong, there are many.  We have compared each correction with the papers and the errors were on the original pages, not typos.  I will use this page to list the corrections we receive. At this time we are not making any changes to the page numbers. At some point we will make these changes in the database itself.
Incorrect Information Correct Submitter
Sasser  Fay  A  21 Jul 1928  Sturn  Byrle    H  1853 Foy/ BYRLE STURM Dixie Ricker
Sasser  Wilford  Grant  23 Dec 1947  Breshears  Margaret  Elaine  I  2646
24 Dixie Ricker
Sasser  Ernest  Selvyn  26 Dec 1981  Perry  Beulah  Rose  L  4726 SELWYN Dixie Ricker
Ricker II  Loris  Max  24 Jun 1972  Sasser  Dixie  Annette  K  3680 LORIN Dixie Ricker
Kinsley  Henry  Brainard  18 Jun 1972  Zacharias  Judith  Wroe  K WRAE Dixie Ricker
Doud  Willard  Edwin  31 May 1970  Lathrop  Dernice  Wlizabeth  J BERNICE ELIZABETH Dixie Ricker
Johnson  Eallace  Jackson  25 Sep 1970  Doud  Sherry  Marlene  K WALLACE Dixie Ricker
Emmons A H 4 Jul 1892 Hawkins Flora  A. R. Renee (Fisher) Schaeffer
Emmons Earle W 8 May 1918 Neal Elsie Earl Renee (Fisher) Schaeffer
Emmons Harald John 27 Mar 1923 Conners Harriet Elizabeth Harold Renee (Fisher) Schaeffer
Emmons Leonard qB 29 Nov 1923 Allison Rose B Renee (Fisher) Schaeffer
Evans  Andrew    16 Oct 1892  Stockman  Bora Stockham Dora Tami
Conrad  Wesley  Merrill  16 Jan 1949  Halloran  Betty  Ellen  HOLLORAN Dixie Ricker
Mink  May    19 Sep 1917  Womack  Bertha    F MAX Mink Dixie Ricker
Stone  Laurid  E  27 Aug 1904  Buchanan  Lillian  K  C  126  ?okane County, WN Spokane, County WA Dixie Ricker
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