Central Grade School, Baker City, Baker County, Oregon

This school building was located behind and to the southwest of what is now the Middle School.  When I attended Middle School, this building was used for shop and Home Economics. Webmaster

Central School, 1st Grade, 1951

Pam Gale Murphy Photo

Front Row: Danny Freeman, Nancy Painter, Keith Martin, Bobby Nicely, Carol Poe, Gayle Laurence, Karen McKracken, Marilyn ?, Tommy Tucker
Second Row: Sherry Lee, Ronda Hester, Yvonne Holman, Retha White, Pam Gale, Gene McEwen, Mary ?, Craig Lesley?, George Hall
Third Row: Betty Brown, Donald Lanning, Judy Dorman, Greg Holden, Carolyn DeRoest, Priscilla Paugh, Ravona ?, Wayland Updegraff, Lorraine Gardner, Sari (was from Germany)

Central School 3rd Grade, 1953

Pam Gale Murphy Photo

First Row: Carolyn DeRoest, Vern Shumway, ??, ??
Second Row: Greg Holden, Patti ?, Norma Markum?, Retha White, ??, Earl ?, ??
Third Row: Sandra Town?, Larry Raley, Keith Martin, Pam Gale, Ronda Hester, Bobby Connell, Gene McEwen
Fourth Row: Priscilla Paugh, ?? Tommy Tucker, Danny Freeman, Gene ?, ??, Yvonne Holman
Fifth Row: Leona Townsend, Craig Lesley, Gayle Laurence, Judy Dorman, Donald Lanning.  Teacher Mrs. Reese  Can you help with names?

Central School 4th Grade, 1954

Pam Gale Murphy Photo

Front Row: Susie Renz, Bobby Connell, Danny Freeman, Larry Raley, ??, ??, ??, ??, Ronda Hester
Second Row: Pam Gale, Retha White, Sandra Town?, Gayle Laurence, ??, ??, Craig Lesley?, Tommy Evans, ??, ??
Third Row: Priscilla Paugh, Keith Martin, Gene McEwen, Carolyn DeRoest, Vern Shumway?, Harry Lee, ??, Donald Lanning, Greg Holden
Teacher Mrs. Gyllenberg or Miss Sheperdson

Central School, 6th Grade, 1956

Pam Gale Murphy Photo

First Row: Cliff Garrett, Luther Bell, Bob Moragne, Gene Rumple, John Hickox, Johnny Howland, Mike Reagan
Second Row: Linda Barker, Sandy Town, Lois Adamson, James Carper, Ron Guyer, Craig Haynes, John Cochran
Third Row: Carol Harris, Patty Bissonnette, Judy Urey, Beverly ?, George Raeburn, Roger Ballentine, Roderick Nelson, Tom Hughes
Forth Row: Cherry Perry, Edie Meyers, Ann McEwen, Pam Gentry, Randal Nelson, Kenny Myrick, Jim Littig, Dan Cody, Mrs. Berguson

Central School 6th Grade 1957

Pam Gale Murphy Photo

First Row: Evelyn Witham, Doug Wood, Gary Loveless, Danny Freeman, Mary Ka Hottel, Larry Raley, Barbara Jack, Sharon Cartwright
Second Row: Rhea Tomson, George Perry, Donald Lanning, Pam Gale, Danny Rudolf, Mike Howard, Peggy Snook, Kenny Myric
Third Row: Gary Brown, Norman Markum, Linda Strang, Areta Hays, Charles Patton, Steve Stockdale, Harry Lee, Tommy Evans
Fourth Row: Mrs. Walker, Gene McEwen, Beverly Molten, Robert Calloway, Charlotte Wright, Mike Monroe, Linda Saul, George Phillips

Baker County and City Schools


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