Haines School 1893, Baker County, Oregon


Haines School 1893

Top Row: Mary Christensen McKanna, Edd Coles, teacher Elsie Sturgill, Frank Toney
Second Row: Ray Price, Walter Coles, Arthur Olson, Fred Spence, Austin Price, Emma Young Roberts, Edith Wilcox, Mary Young Roby, Ida Ashworth, Bertha Tony, Lidia Chandler Hearing, Lula Coles, Carrie Ingram Sagustad
Front Row:  Chris Ashworth, Ace Toney, Thomas Christensen, Maxwell Horn, Cleve Toney, Ira Ashworth, Edd Weasner, Fred Toney, Cleve Coles, Elmer Bales, Carson Horn, Oscar Young, Noah Chandler, Ethel Toney.

Haines School About 1912

Left to Right: Johnnie Henner, Edith Nelson, Earl Bollinger, Sue Heard, Melvin Shock, Herb Ensminger, Esther Kester, Mildred Kipling, Ada Ensminger, Maud Pearson, Nora Grey (?), Maud Marsh, Bill Daugherty, Virgil Toney, Lizzie Henner, Emil Kipling, Marie Vinzelburg—Teacher

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