Photos of the Hazeltine Collection, Baker County, Oregon

Gary went on a search a few days ago and resulted in this fine collection of photos from Marvin Houseworth, who we thank very much for allowing us to display them on our pages.  The message below will explain part of his interest in Baker City photos.

I collect stereoviews and the core of my collection is western views published by Thomas Houseworth of San Francisco; I have learned that he had a business relationship with Martin M. Hazeltine who photographed in Yosemite and along the California coast for several years. So many of the stereoviews on Houseworth mounts are from negatives Hazeltine sold to Houseworth. My wife is Ann Haseltine Houseworth, a first cousin, 4 times removed of M. M Hazeltine - so that connection got me into the Hazeltine genealogy. Which brings me to Oregon;

M. M. Hazeltine moved his family to Baker City probably in the 1880s.  His (sometime) photographer brother, G I. Hazeltine, had already been in Canyon City for several years. M. M.'s daughter Viola also became a studio photographer (portraits) and married R. T. Parker in Baker City and they ran a studio together.  M. M.'s son, Leland also became a photographer and set up in Butte City, Idaho.
If you have not found it already, there is a great trove of Hazeltines photos - all stereoviews if I remember - on line at the Online Archive of California.  Link is: Select the Finding Aids tab and enter Hazeltine at Keyword - the first entry on the list will be "Oregon, California, Idaho, etc - click that link and under Contents select Container Listing.  That will give you a list of each view, with California up front. You will have to scroll down to about #13883 to get to the Oregon stuff. 
More later,

Ada and Mary??

Aunt Sarah Cleaver and Husband

Another Hazeltine studio portrait from my collection. I would guess these two are sisters, and from the handwriting on the back, their names seem to be Ada & Mary.  The pencil message contains a clue - the addressee has a relative? named Millie.  Note the date of the message is Mar 6 1892, dating the photo to sometime before that. 

The photo on the back is titled "Aunt Sarah Cleaver and husband", and in a different handwriting. In faint pencil across the end of the ink writing is "taken about 70."  The bride Sarah appears to be very young, a late teen or early 20's at latest.  That means this Sarah was born close to 1850. In the 1870 census for Oregon, there are 2 Sarah M. Cleavers. The one in Baker City is 31 and married to Joseph W. Cleaver, who is a Hotel Keeper. The other is in Union, Grant Co and married to J. F. Cleaver, a butcher.  She is 20; if the photo is dated correctly, I vote for this Sarah as the one in the photo.  This couple had a son named Arthur, age 1 in 1870. This information was determined by Marvin Houseworth, from his collection.

Note: Janice Buchanan, 2nd great grand niece of Joseph Wraith Cleaver believes this to be Sarah Melissa Peters married to Joseph Wraith Cleaver.

Census records have them residing in Baker City, Baker County, in 1870, 1880, and 1900. After Joseph died his widow Sarah resided in Portland until her death.

J. (James F. Cleaver and wife Sarah M. never resided in Baker County in 1870 and 1880, they were in Union, Grant County, in 1900 census Sarah is a widow residing in Baker Baker County on Center Street.

Webmasters questions:
From research I have done, Union was never in Grant County (Early 1860s prompted the Legislative Assembly to split Umatilla and Baker Counties from Wasco County on September 22, 1862. Further development of the Grande Ronde Valley led to calls for the legislature to split Union County from Baker County. This finally occurred on October 14, 1864. Union County's name reflects the support of the people in this area toward maintaining the United States during the Civil War.

Between 1875 and 1913, adjustments were made to Union County's borders with Baker, Umatilla, and Wallowa Counties. Union County, lying between the Blue and Wallowa Mountains, is bordered by Wallowa County on the east and north, Umatilla County on the west, and Grant and Baker Counties on the south. Oregon Blue Book)

Did both families have a son Arthur who was age 1 in 1870.

I leave these questions to be answered by Cleaver researchers, and if it is determined who the people in the photograph are, I would appreciate the information to add to the page.

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