World War II Casualties, Baker County, Oregon

The long number following the name is the selective service number, rank, other letters, 
KIA=killed in action
DOW=died of wounds
DOI=died of injuries
DNB=died non-battle
FOD=finding of death, 

Surname First Middle Serial Number Rank Death
Bainter John G.   39468996 PFC KIA
Baxter Harry   6588835 S SG DNB
Beard John E.   0-676725 2 LT DNB
Brown Frank O.   0-382372 CAPT KIA
Burke William J.   0-360573 CAPT DNB
Burnside James L.   39467956 PVT KIA
Cameron Charles M.   39465298 PVT KIA
Campbell Matt D.   39465836 PVT KIA
Clark William B.   0-024785 MAJ KIA
Coble Aubrey D. 39460628 S SG KIA
Cook George W.   29035325 PFC KIA
Cribbins Albert W.   6562202 SGT DNB
Densley John W.   39319579 SGT KIA
Dixon Franklyn S.   39301584 S SG KIA
Durgan William L.   39342345 PVT KIA
Emel Lawrence A   39466857 PFC KIA
Givens Charles W.   39304925 CPL DOW
Goodwin Apolis N. Jr.   39472811 SGT KIA
Green Joseph L. Jr.   0-675760 1 Lt DNB
Horan Percy G.   39300669 PFC KIA
Hulick Wallard W.   39344951 PVT KIA
Hutchins Melvin G.   19014227 PFC FOD
Jaynes Wessley L.   39316126 PVT KIA
Lemmon Jack P.   19109956 1 SG KIA
Lewis Basil H.   0-417972 2 Lt KIA
McCray James O.   0-022168 Lt C KIA
McDowell Arthur E.   39459385 PFC KIA
McMurdo William C.   39456434 PVT DNB
Norris Donald E.   39385416 SGT KIA
Mullins Hal E.   02035361 2 Lt KIA
Nichols Marvin D.   39479150 PFC KIA
Smurthwaite Jesse G.   19020924 PVT KIA
Steele Marion W.   0-763388 2 Lt KIA
Stuart Dale   19014221 SGT DNB
Thornton Donald W.   39385419 SGT KIA
Thornton Rex W.   39304874 PFC KIA
Weir Orville W.   39472740 PVT KIA
Wellman Marvin L.   39346069 PFC KIA
Widman Edward S   39046970 PVT KIA
Williams Arvid A.   19118432 PVT DNB
Williams Lemont F.   39924720 PVT KIA
Winnett Leonard W.   6579811 T SG KIA

Baker County


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