Do You Remember When?

By Phyllis Badgley

Some Baker City residents may still remember these businesses

Do you remember when R L. Titus opened Court House Market on the corner of Fourth and Court streets? He sold groceries and Meats. Later, he operated Titus' Quick Freeze near Broadway and Fifth.

He introduced a new process or freezing meats, using yellow liquid wax, that encased the meat product, eliminating freezer burn. The Court House Market's new owner was Marion Inman. His wife, Gertrude, taught school at Baker High. She remains a Baker resident.

Do you remember when Baker had an established milliner? Miss Rosa Krann could expertly fashion a ladies hat that would pass the scrutiny of any eye. This little lady, with her foreign accident, created masterpieces from lush velvet and straw. She located her last shop in the Antler Hotel building on Washington Street.

Do you remember when the Underwood Hotel was on the corner of Third and Washington? It was formerly called Sagamoor Hotel, and in later years known as Central Hotel. In the late 30's, a family of Negro entertainers came to Baker, and the only place they were allowed lodging was the Central Hotel. It was still standing in 1951, but later torn down for use as a parking lot.

On the northwest corner of Second and Washington, the building housed Myron Motors, and there was a grocery store and floral shop operated by the Chaves Bros. A Department store also occupied the site. Today, it houses the Coast to Coast store.

The brick building at 1900 Resort Street was erected for Emil Weber. A gunsmith by trade, he and his wife had living quarters upstairs. The two story building was possibly built in the 40's.

The small frame building, two doors North of Webers, was constructed for use by dentist, Dr. Harry J. Horton. His son, John, was a local attorney. Upon the passing of Dr. Horton, a local organization obtained the building and designated it as a comfort and rest station. Tillie Farrow was in charge of volunteers. It currently houses a beauty salon.

Names of former dentists, that I recall, are Doctors Sook, Cate, Rossina, Young, Burchtorf, DuBois, and Tiedemann. Evidently it was customary for dentists to locate their offices upstairs, for most were located there.

My own foolish fear, either real or imagined, caused my knees to shake before I even began to ascend a stairway. Thankfully, Baker's present dental facilities are on the ground level.

Printed here with the permission of Baker City Herald

Chauncey Kirkpatrick Grocery Store

In 1910 Chauncey Kirkpatrick established a grocery store on the corner of Broadway and Second St., which he operated for 15 years.

In 1927 Kirkpatrick established the Chevrolet auto agency at First and Broadway. This dealership operated for 13 years until Chauncey's untimely death. Later, son Bruce entered the automobile business for a number of years. His son, John joined the agency, thus giving Kirkpatrick name continuity to Chevrolet dealership in Baker.

After an interim, the business was sold. Bruce and wife Anne retired. They continue residence in Baker city. John and wife, Jeannie, reside in Clarkston, Wa.

Bruce's older brother Bill Kirkpatrick is retired and resides in Baker city.

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