Posted Queries August - October 2000


DARRIN, FICKES, PRICKETT, PROPECK, RINGER, ROSEBERRY posted by Dorothy Hinkey on Friday, August 4, 2000

In the early 1900's, John PRICKETT and George PROPECK owned a furniture store in or near Milton, in Umatilla County. My g-grandmother, Martha (FICKES) RINGER was married to John PRICKETT for a short time. Can anyone give me information about this furniture store, and the men who owned it? Thank you.

STONE, WELLS posted by Marti Roe on Friday, August 4, 2000

Does anyone have information on WELLS, H. Q living in Pendleton OR in 1953, or His sister, Beulah, who married Bert F. STONE.

GORDON posted by Karen A. Gordon on Wednesday, August 9, 2000

searching GORDON, Abijah and His bother David. Both came to Pendleton From Lehman, Lucerne, PA c 1965 - 1970 I have also info on their parents, grandparents, cousins etc

JOHNSON posted by Joyce Spaulding on Monday, August 14, 2000

William Robert JOHNSON and Elizabeth Thorp JOHNSON settled in Umatilla County about 1869. They were located on Birch Creek in 'Alta' precinct, which became Pilot Rock. Their children married neighbors, and the family sold out and left to return to Napa, California, where they had spend about 10 years during the Gold Rush. If you have any information in regards to this family I would appreciate it very much. Sincerely,

BARRO posted by Brian A. Metz on Wednesday, August 23, 2000

Looking for Margie BARRO, born 1964 Married 1983-84 ? Lived in Umatilla County, Oregon. Lives in Hermiston now?

JONES posted by Catherine Woodham on Thursday, August 24, 2000

I was wondering if anyone out there could perhaps help me with a request that my mother-in-law made to me - to find the family of a bible she'd came in possession of. The bible was in the bottom of a box of things that she'd bought at a garage sale - I do not know of the family knew it was in the box or not. The garage sale would have taken place in or around the area of Bartlesville, Oklahoma. The bible is a large (11 by 9 inch and 2.5 inches in depth) ivory-colored hard-backed book (authorized King James Version), with the front cover embossed with "Holy Bible" on a scroll and the words "The Jones Family" on the right bottom corner of the scroll. The first page of the bible is a dedication page which reads: "A Wedding Remembrance Presented by Bob Reese, Pat Mulqueeney, Sr., Bob Davis, Sr., Western Heritage Savings; Vern Kube, Darlene Hart, Pendleton Sports Center; Roy & Audrey Comrie, Comrie Olds-Cadillac; Warren & Jean Harding, Harding Shoes; Steve & Carol Fisher, Eddie Knopp Insurance Agency; Ron & Mary Hiskey, Val Magee, Hiskey's Furniture Place; Charlie & Jan Brown, Charlie Brown Rentals & Sales; Bud & Bernie Moore, Medical Center Pharmacy' Pendleton, Oregon" The second page of the bible is a presentation page which reads: "Presented to The JONES family by the city of Pendleton date 4/26/1881." The Family Register page states that it is the bible of James Lennis and Traci Lyn Jones. The Marriage Record page states that James Lennis Jones, son of Mr. & Mrs. Howard Jones, married Traci Lyn Everett on 26 April 1980. The witnesses were Mark Ring and James Mantione. James Lennis Jones was born 10 Oct 1959 in Moah, Utah and died 23 Feb 1996. Traci Lyn Everett was born on 20 March 1962 in Whitesalom (?), Washington. The Husband's Family Tree page lists James Lennis Jones' parents as James Howard Jones and Doris Mgee. James Lennis is listed as having 1 brother and 4 sisters. James Howard is listed as having 2 brothers and 1 sister. The Wife's Family Tree page lists Traci Lyn Everett's parents as Edwin Everett and Phyllis Anderson. Traci Lyn is listed as having 3 brothers and 1 sister (some appear to be half-siblings). Edwin Everett is listed as having 1 sister (Evelyn) and Phyllis Anderson is listed as having 3 sisters. On the Children and Grandchildren page, James Lennis and Traci Lyn Jones are listed as having a daughter, Billii Lyn Jones, born in February, 1981, in Boise, Idaho. Two months later, according to the Events to be Remembered page, they moved to Oklahoma. Please help me get this bible back to the families of either James Lennis Jones or Traci Lyn Everett-Jones. Thanks,

DUDLEY, FRY posted by Family on Tuesday, August 29, 2000

My grandfather Max Dudley lived in Pendleton from approximately 1919 to 1930. He worked at J.C. Penney's in the shoe department. His father Roy either owned a furniture store or worked in it. My grandfather met and married my grandmother, Coral Fry(e), in 1924. She worked at a lunch counter at the time of their marriage and later worked in a dentists office. Her sister Pearl converted to catholoisim in the mid 1920's and entered a convent. She died shortly thereafter. If anyone may be able to help me with information, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank-you

BONIN, BROUILLARD, DUPRE, KITTSON posted by Roxanne Wooddruff on Saturday, September 9, 2000

I am searching for information on KITTSON, Jules, who was born around 1825-30 at Old Fort Walla Walla. His Parents Were KITTSON, William of the hbc and Marie Walla Walla (Her Indian name is unknown to us. Jules is believed to have lived on and off the reservation at various times in Umatilla County. He is believed to have worked aboard the river boats (names unknown) We know he lived until around 1903 or later as some of Aunts & Uncles knew him. His brother KITTSON, Peter, lived until 1915. I have web pages on family history. Thank You,

CROOKER posted by Rose Vosburgh on Wednesday, September 20, 2000

Looking for obit for Cora Adaline CROOKER b 12-26-1886 died 01-04-1967 in Athena, Umatilla Co., Oregon accord the social securtey number. Any help would be appreciated.

CAMPBELL posted by Emma Keltner on Thursday, October 5, 2000

Seeking info. on Leonard CAMPBELL, born about 1886 in Missouri. Son of Mark W. and Melvina CAMPBELL. Leonard was living with his parents on the 1910 Stone County, Missouri census, along with his son Leonard T. aged 3 months. There was no mention of a wife. In the September 27, 1946 obituary for his brother Thomas, Leonard was listed as a survivor, living in Pendleton, Umatilla Co., Oregon. Leonard CAMPBELL was the older brother of my grandmother, Mary Angeline CAMPBELL, and I would appreciate any info you may have to share.

CROOKER, NORTHROP posted by Rose Vosburgh on Thursday, October 5, 2000

Looking for iformation on Cora Adaline NORTHROP that died in jan 1967 in Athena, Umatilla Co., Oregon was married to James CROOKER. Is there an obit or anything that would help.

posted by June Smith, on Tuesday, October 10, 2000

I would like to exchange information on Daniel and Clarissa O'HAR(R)A, who came to Weston 1868. He was from Wabash Co, Indiana. Several of his children continued to live in Weston into the 1920's: Ivan O'HARRA, John M. O'HARRA and Marion O'HARRA.

CATMULL, HERRMAN, THANKS, WEISE posted by Maggie Elliott on Wednesday, October 11, 2000

Does anyone have any information on Evelyn Louise Brown CATMULL, Date of birth 1931-1933, lived in McNary, Umatilla County in 1951? Also looking for family of Ina Leah Herrman WEISE, Date of birth circa 1913 , lived in Pendleton, Umatilla County in 1950. Has anyone heard of these families?

BOWIE, CHAMBERS, FURTH posted by Jean Kennedy- on Tuesday, October 17, 2000

I am trying to find descendants of:Harry and Alma Jane CHAMBERS died Pendleton,Oregon. Martien CHAMBERS married Earl FURTH Also looking for Edward BOWIE

CLARK, CLARKE, SAUNDERS posted by Jon Saunders on Monday, October 23, 2000

I am looking for any information on Alvira C. CLARKE, born Alvira C. SAUNDERS 14 May 1853 in Milton, Rock Co., Wisconsin to Gardner and Sarah SAUNDERS. She was mentioned as being in Leola, South Dakota in 1895 in her father's obit, but was listed as being in Pendleton, Ore in 1926 in her brother Russel's obit. I do not have her husband's name. The CLARKE could be CLARK. Any help would be appreciated?

HARRISON, RAMBO posted by Kirsten Mullinax on Tuesday, October 24, 2000

I am searching for any information on Homer Harrison RAMBO, born April 3, 1888 in Pendleton, Umatilla County, Oregon. His parents were Homer Rambo and Minerva Julia HARRISON. I would appreciate any information on Homer or any other relatives. Thank you.

FORTIER posted by Steve Dumey on Tuesday, October 24, 2000

Recently found out my long lost great great grandfather settled in Umatilla County, Oregon. His name was Joseph FORTIER Sr. He was born in 1842 at St. Hyacinthe, Province of Quebec, Canada. Need his death date and the cemetery he was buried in. Could be Weston, Athena, or Pendleton. I am told that his second wife, Victoria Tremblay Fortier is buried in Pendleton. Need her dates as well. He was in Cloud County, Kansas in the 1875-1885 time period. Any information as to an obituary, biographical sketch, or anything that mentions him at all would be greatly appreciated. Thanks--

BREESE, COOK, DUFFY, HUMPERVILLE, JOHNSON, NEWELL, PAMBURN, WILLIAMS posted by George McKinney on Saturday, October 28, 2000

Looking for information my children's Grandparents Family, the siblings and parents of Bernal I. WILLIAMS, born 23 Jan 1908 on the Umatilla Indian Reservation, Umatilla County, Oregon. Bernal's mother and father were William W. WILLIAMS, born April. 1868 in Oregon, and Harriet S. PAMBURN, b. 26 Jan. 1880. They were married in 1899/1900 as their first child, Melva B. WILLIAMS was born 30 Nov. 1900. I know the names of 3 other children, but have no information on them?? Also, I have no information on Belva. The major Sir names I have on this family are: PAMBURN, WILLIAMS, COOK, HUMPERVILLE, DUFFY, NEWELL, JOHNSON, BREESE. I have contacted the Confederate Tribes of the Umatilla Reservation, but have only been able to obtain a bare outline containing a few names and dates of birth. Thank you for any help :-)

CLARK, CLARKE, SAUNDERS posted by Jon Saunders on Tuesday, October 31, 2000

I am looking for any information on Alvira C. CLARKE, born Alvira C. SAUNDERS 14 May 1853 in Milton, Rock Co., Wisconsin to Gardner and Sarah SAUNDERS. She was mentioned as being in Leola, South Dakota in 1895 in her father's obit, but was listed as being in Pendleton, Umatilla Co., Ore in 1926 in her brother Russel's obit. I do not have her husband's name. The CLARKE could be CLARK. Any help?

BEATTIE, GODFREY, HUBBARD, ISAAC, LEWIS, PARKS, REDFORD posted by Bobbie on Tuesday, October 31, 2000

I am researching GODFREY, REDFORD, LEWIS, BEATTIE and HUBBARD lines. Leon LEWIS lived in Pendleton, Umatilla Co., Oregon in the early to mid 1900s he died in Pendleton in 1947. Annette BEATTIE was first married to Leon and then to John W. PARKS and lived in Pendleton until sometime in the 1940s(?) then moved to California then moved back to Pendleton where she died in 1973. My mother Charlotte Eloise LEWIS was born in Walla Walla but spent her late teens and early adult life in Pendleton. My mothers sister spent all of her teens and the rest of her life in Pendleton, Margaret ISAAC passed on 1978. There is more but this should be more than enough to establish my family was in and about Pendleton for many many years. Any information on these families would be appreciated.

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