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Many people have spent a great deal of time putting together these cemetery records and the information about the cemeteries of Union County, even if you don't thank them in person, say a quiet thank you as you use the records they have contributed.

Burials Part I

Despite a rich and varied past, many specifics of early Union County history nave been lost. Misplaced burials and destroyed newspaper files, have created many special problems for researchers in this county.

Centralized Death And Burial Records

In 1971 Lucille Fitzgerald, at that time in charge of records for the La Grande Cemetery District, undertook the formidable task of recording, in one file, all known deaths and burials in Union County. She was assisted in this project by a number of volunteers. The result is an extensive listing derived from all known sources: existing cemetery records, probate files, all surviving newspaper files, existing records of funeral directors, church records, and obituary collections. These sources were supplemented by a field survey that included all - known isolated graves and all cemeteries within the county for which no records have survived. When completed in 1974 the file contained approximately 13,400 names. It was reproduced on three rolls of sixteen-millimeter microfilm under tile following title:

Fitzgerald, Lucille. Death and burials in Union County, Oregon from 1860 to 31 March, 1974; compiled by Lucille Fitzgerald, M. Joy Rasmussen, and John W. Evans. La Grande, La Grande Oregon Stake Genealogical Library, 1974.

Copies of the microfilm are housed at the LDS branch Library, 2504 North Fir Street, La Grande, Oregon 97850, and at Walter M. Pierce Library, Eastern Oregon State College, La Grande, Oregon 97850; the master copy is on file in the LDS Genealogical Library, Salt Lake City. These films do not circulate but are available for use in each library, and information from them can be provided on request. The LDS Branch Library maintains the original file as an ongoing project and adds current information. New information on oil pioneer burials is still discovered from time to time, and this is also added to the file.


Walter M. Pierce Library maintains a complete microfilm collection of all surviving newspaper files for eastern Oregon with the exception of The Dalles, Redmond, Bend, Lakeview and Klamath Falls. The library does have some of the early (pre-1900) papers for these communities. It also houses some collections of obituaries from Union County; these include a number of clippings from papers that are no longer in existence.  This site also contains Oregon Obituary Database from obituaries contributed by our readers.

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Ackles, Big Creek , Galloway, Grandview, Highland, Hillcrest, Hillcrest East, Hillgard, Indian Creek, Meacham, Mount Pleasant, Pine Grove, Starkey, The Park, Unknown, Weaver Family, Wright
(lower Cove Road), Wright (Medical Springs), Isolated Graves

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