Union, Union County, Oregon School Photos

We are grateful to Theresa Connor Minor for providing the web site with these Union Grade School Photos. The Ray Connor identified in all the pictures is Theresa's father.  Ray William Connor born September 21, 1923 in Union, Union County, Oregon and died September 30, 1996 in Rockwall, Texas.  He is buried in Houston Veterans Cemetery in Houston, Harris County, Texas.  

Union Grade School 1929-1930, 1st Grade

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1st Row: Unknown because photo was trimmed
2nd Row: Fay Moody, Evens, Barbara Wells, Unknown, Unknown, Louise Gale, Unknown, Ray Connor, Gordon DeVore
3rd Row: Isabelle Greenwood, Unknown, Jones (?), E. Hall, Viv Draper, Lorna Cross, Louise Gale, Guy Vaughn
4th Row: Wayne Kornegay, Unknown, Sherman Anderson, Unknown, Lloyd Hill, K. Anderson

Union Grade School 1930-1931, 2nd Grade

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Back Row: Wayne Kornegay, Jim Decker, J. Ingram, R. Baum, Unknown, Walt Taylor, Lloyd Hill, Sherman Anderson, K. Anderson
Middle Row: Isabelle Greenwood, Unknown, Barbara Wells, Fay Moody, Louise Gale, Gordon DeVore, Guy Vaughn, Lorna Cross, E. Hall
Front Row: Walt Tartar, Jim Lucent, Frank Orton, Unknown Street, Ray Connor, Marvin Tarter

Union Grade School 1931-1932 3rd Grade

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Back Row: Lloyd Hill, Wayne Kornegay, Viv Draper, Louise Gale, Billy Low, K. Anderson, Unknown, Barbara Wells, Lorna Cross, J. Ingram
Middle Row: Frank Orton, J. Horn, Ray Connor, Betty Shaw, Isabelle Greenwood, E. Hall, Unknown, Jim Lucent, Guy Vaughn
Front Row: Unknown Steele, Gordon DeVore, S. Anderson, Jim Decker

Union School 1933-1934 5th Grade

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Back Row: Betty Shaw, Lorna Cross, Viv Draper, Fay Moody, Barbara Wells, Louise May, Charlotte Adkins, Louise Gale, E. Hall
Middle Row: Unknown Simmons, Ray Connor, F. Hayter (?), Billy Low, K. Anderson, E. Parsons, Rich Baum, Walter Tarter, Lloyd Hill
Front Row: R. Stevens, Wayne Kornegay, Frank Orton, Guy Vaughn, Sherman Anderson, Norman Wicks, Marvin Tarter, L. Ledridge
Teacher, Miss Grimmel

Union School 1934-1935 6th Grade

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Back Row: Kelly Anderson, Boyd Unknown, Gordon DeVore, Evert Parsons, Rich Baum
2nd Row: Betty Shaw, Louise Gale, Miss Cook, Betty Smith, Lorna Cross, Charlotte Adkins, Louise May, Fay Moody
3rd Row: Sherman Anderson, Walter Tarter, Ray Connor, Barbara Wells, Viv Draper, Isabelle Greenwood, Unknown Edwards, Marvin Tarter, Billy Low
Front Row: Frank Orton, Wayne Kornegay, Lloyd Hill, Norman Wicks, Guy Vaughn

Union School probably 7th Grade (1935-1936 or 8th Grade (1936-1937)

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Unknown, Unknown Stewart, Walter Verion, Ray Connor, Pearl Unknown, Grace Kajakaiwa, Ruth K., Patsy Unknown, Unknown Hill, Jimmy Mink, Patricia Hill
Walter Verion, is Ray Connor's father

Union County

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