Wallowa County Deaths - 1958

Wallowa County Deaths 1958

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Herman Frank FISCHER of Wallowa passed away Sunday, December 29 at Wallowa Memorial Hospital. (1957)

Arthur O. CAUDLE, a farmer of Lostine, was killed Monday afternoon, December 30. (1957)

Glen ODLE passed away at his home in Salem, Christmas Eve, December 24, 1957.

Elmer Warden ROUPE passed away at Wallowa Memorial Hospital Tuesday, December 24. (1957)

Warren Cecil BONER passed away suddenly at his home Sunday, January 5.

Mrs. Marion Lee MILLER of Portland, passed away January 1 at St. Vincent's Hospital.

Michael CROW passed away suddenly at his home in Lostine January 6.

Charles DIETRICH of Gardiner died there Christmas Day, December 25, 1957.

Blenden Camden HOLMAN Sr., passed away January 3 at Wallowa Memorial Hospital.

Benjamin Franklin MARKS passed away in a Baker hospital January 12.

Frank Autho DOWNING of Alder Slope passed away Monday, January 13, at Wallowa Memorial Hospital.

Kermit ESTES passed away about 6 a.m. January 16 at Wallowa Memorial Hospital.

Willie Philip DAVIS, 91, passed away January 7 in a Baker hospital.

Charles B. (Chuck) BUCHANAN of Portland passed away suddenly January 12.

Mrs. Gussie D. CROW of Lstoine passed away in Portland January 21.

Mrs. Harry FREUDENBERG passed away at the Wallowa Memorial Hospital January 26.

Mrs. Grace SCOTT passed away in a Pendleton hospital January 28.

C.O. KNODELL passed away in an Albany hospital, January 23.

Don SNUFFER of Wallowa passed away in a La Grande hospital January 22.

Miss Charlotte SIEVERS, 15, of Vale, was killed in a head-on collision January 31.

Bill WOMACK of Wallowa received word last week of the death of his brother-in-law, John GILLASPEY, at Eagle Point,

Levi Arbon ALLEN passed away February 18 in the Wallowa Memorial Hospital.

Hilma GUSTAFSON passed away in Sweden February 13.

William Harry SWISHER passed away suddenly Saturday, February 22, at his home in Lostine.

S.E. (Ed) MILLER died February 17.

John Alma CUNNINGHAM, 77, passed away in a La Grande hospital, February 26.

Miss Mildred CLEVLAND passed away at her home in Kooskia, Idaho March 3.

Henry Walderman ANDERSON was found dead in his cabin on Scotch Creek, March 9.

John Edward TURNBOW of Prairie Creek passed away Monday, March 10, in a Pendleton hospital.

William Charles MEEK passed away at his home in National City, Calif., on March 7, 1958.

Mrs. Nellie Goldie LUTJE, 62, of Eureka, Calif., died March 14 in a Eureka Hospital.

Mrs. Della Jane MARTIN passed away March 16 in Tri-State Memorial Hospital, Clarkston.

Mrs. Myrtle B. HATCH passed away in a Nyssa hospital Wednesday morning, March 12.

Mrs. Christine DeJEAN passed away at a hospital in Clarkston Tuesday, March 215.

Mrs. Martha Ellen (Mattie) COFFMAN, passed away Friday March 21, at Wallowa Memorial Hospital.

Dr. Alfred B. GEYER, 55, of Palos Verdes Estates, Calif., passed away March 6.

Word has been received of the death of Mrs. Mabel D. (Hall) ENGLEHORN at Red Bluff, Calif., March 18.

Olive Jane McELROY of Klamath Falls passed away in a Klamath Falls hospital March 23.

Samuel William CLARK of Joseph passed away at the Wallowa Memorial Hospital March27.

Samuel Milton SASSER, 57, died Sunday, March 30, as the result of a cerebral hemorrhage.

Wallace Fowler BRADSHAW died shortly after noon April 13 from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Mrs. Lida Mae KUHN of Paradise passed away at Wallowa Memorial Hospital April 16.

Francis Dwayne OTT, 54, who was born in Enterprise died April 9 in La Grande.

Mrs. Grace Elizabeth BILLERBECK of la Grande passed away April 11.

Harry Earl WARNOCK passed away April 21 at Wallowa Memorial Hospital.

Fred R. ASHER passed away at Wallowa Memorial Hospital Monday evening, April 21.

Joseph Wesley TONEY passed away April 11.

Frank WADDINGHAM passed away Friday morning, April 25, at Wallowa Memorial Hospital.

Hubert DANIELS passed away in his sleep Saturday morning April 26.

Mrs. Mary Frances COLE, passed away Sunday, April 27, at the Wallowa Memorial Hospital.

William G. HAUN passed away Saturday, May 3, at Lostine.

James Frederick McCLAIN passed away Saturday evening, May 10, at Wallowa Memorial Hospital.

Graveside services for the day old child of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene FOX of Portland were held at Milton-Freewater May 7.

Ort WORTMAN passed away at Wallowa Memorial Hospital May 20.

Ward Beecher HESCOCK of Milton-Freewater passed away in a Walla Walla hospital May 12.

William B. EVANS of La Grande passed away May 19.

 Mrs. Albert WILSON passed away Wednesday, May 28, at Wallowa Memorial Hospital.

Mrs. Barbara Rachel HODGE passed away at her home in Enterprise, June 3.

Mrs. Sadie HOMAN passed away Friday, June 13, at the home of her daughter near Hood River.

C.F. HANEY, former resident, passed away June 16 at Caldwell.

Clarence E. VEST of Milwaukie passed away in an Oregon City hospital June 12.

Loren Frederick FREELS, of Wallowa passed away suddenly at his place of business June 20.

Amelia E. BENHAM passed away at the home of her son, Bill ASHTON, in Portland, June 18.

Ira S. JEWELL, aged 90, passed away June 14 at his home in Blue Rapids, Kansas.

Mrs. Calista SHOEMAKE, 65, of Tarzana, Calif. Mrs. Jesie BIGGERS, 68, of La Grande and Christy Lee BRANTON, 3, of Enterprise were all killed June 27 when their car plunged into Wallowa Lake.

Mrs. Albert MORGAN passed away unexpectedly in her sleep June 27, in Joseph, Oregon.

Mrs. Sarah Emma BELL passed away in the Wallowa Memorial Hospital June 28.

Rosary was recited July 7 for Mrs. Mary Josephine Wood of Joseph, who passed away July 3.

Lloyd B. CARTER passed away in a La Grande hospital July 4.

Graveside services for Joseph R. WILLCOX who passed away in Portland July 1, were conducted July 7.

Mrs. Glen SASSER received word Saturday of the death of her grandfather, Mr. C.M. NOAH at Fort Klamath, Oregon (July 12).

Mrs. Eugenia EARL, 85, wife of Joseph Earl and mother of Jess Earl, Imnaha, died recently at the Tri-State Memorial Hospital. (July 17 paper)

Loren Leslie "Teap" YOUNG, 80, former resident of Enterprise and Wallowa County, died in a La Grande hospital, July 11.

Steven HOUCK, a former resident of Joseph, passed away July 8 a The Dalles Hospital.

Louis George GITSCHLAG, a former resident of Joseph, passed away in Portland on July 2.

Mrs. Lila MILLER, wife of Col. Victor Miller and daughter-in-law of Mr. and Mrs. A.B. Miller, passed away Friday, July 18, 1958 in Washington, D.C.

Albert Bryan COLE passed away July 15 at the Grande Ronde Hospital in La Grande. Funeral services were held July 17 at the Union Methodist Church in Union, Ore.

Mrs. Flora E. COWGILL of Milton-Freewater, a former resident of Enterprise, passed away Friday, July 15, in a Walla Walla Hospital.

Mrs. Mary Louise EVANS, 83, passed away at the home of her daughter in Bend July 23.

Mrs. Cora BROCK of Pasco, Wa., passed away July 24 at San Leandro, Calif.

Mrs. Minnie Eider passed away July 30 at St. Joseph Hospital in La Grande.

Daniel Arthur INGSTAD drowned while he was attempting to swim across Horseshoe Lake Sunday, August 10.His home was in Walla Walla and he was 17.

Ernest S. FILLEY passed away August 13 at Wallowa Memorial Hospital where he had been a patient for three days.

William Charles (Bill) SARTAIN, Lewiston, Clarkston, died Thursday ight, August 21, after suffering a heart attack at his home.

Clyde HARSIN of Walla Walla passed away August 25 in the Veteran's Hospital.

Wade Thomas ROOP of Wallowa passed away at Wallowa Memorial Hospital, August 31.

Clarence Raymond EVANS passed away suddenly September 3 at his home in Wallowa.

Guy Vernon HAYS, brother of Mrs. Effie WHITTEN of Joseph, passed away August 30 in Taft.

Lorrie Ottis RINARD, 86; died Saturday, August 30, in a Portland hospital.

Mrs. Susan MOLVIG of Glasgow, Montana, passed away at the home of her son, Glenn Molvig, in Enterprise.

Mrs. Welthy Ann MITCHELL passed away September 15 in a Walla Walla nursing home.

Mrs. Susan A. WILSON of Joseph passed away suddenly Friday, September 12.

Benjamin H. KNAPPER, a native of Joseph, passed away suddenly at his home in Portland September 14.

Robert Deris BOYDSTUN passed away September 21 from injuries received while falling a tree.

Arthur L. JOHNSON, passed away suddenly September 16 after a heart attack.

Mrs. Lura REYNOLDS passed away September 21 in Pendleton.

Gust TALSTSOS, father of Mrs. Robert JOSI, Wallowa, passed away September 17 in LaGrande.

Claude L. BERRY, former resident, passed away September 17 at his home in La Grande.

Mrs. Floyd GRAHAM (Elsie McCOY) passed away September 20 at Falls City.

Richard John TRUMP, Union, passed away September 20 in a Portland hospital.

Harold FISHER passed away suddenly September 23rd at Springfield.

Rev. Robert E. KENNEDY, a retired Catholic priest, passed away September 30 in Pendleton.

Catherine Laree BRITTON passed away September 24 at Doernbecher hospital in Portland. Her home was in Wallowa.

Oscar John JENSEN passed away suddenly at his home in Enterprise September 26.

Mrs. Minnie Ella FRAUENFELDER of Joseph passed way October 2 in a Pendleton hospital.

Mrs. Irma HOTCHKISS HINDMAN of Elgin passed away in Pendleton October 11.

Lawrence E. CAVINESS passed away in Portland October 9.

Harold JORY, a former teacher, passed away in California the latter part of September.

Harry M. HANSEN of LaGrande passed away in La Grande October 9.

Amon Eckley DAVIS passed away at Wallowa Memorial Hospital October 17.

Billie JOHNSON was killed October 16.

William T. NICKEL committed suicide October 16.

Dolores Mae NICKEL was killed October 16.

William E. CHAPMAN, passed away in a Salem hospital October 23.

C. George POWER, 77, of Boise, Idaho died suddenly at his cabin October 25.

Chester McCRACKEN of Dexter was killed November 3 when a tree fell on their tent while they were deer hunting
         at Getchell Springs.

Lawrence G. ALLEN, 55, passed away October 31 of a heart attack at his home at Dallas.

Mrs. Lewis J. WALLS passed away in a Portland hospital October 27 after a long illness.

Mrs. Erline May FOLKER was killed by a maniac, November 3 near Las Vegas, Nevada.

Mrs. Mary BLOOM passed away November 7 at Wallowa Memorial Hospital.

Jonathan Joseph MORGAN was killed November 8 when a tractor ran over him.

Mrs. Carl RITSCH passed away Tuesday, November 18, in Ukiah, California.

Mrs. Dollie JOHNSON of Wallowa passed away Sunday, November 23, at the home of her son.

Mrs. May HAWKINS of Wallowa passed away November 24, at Wallowa Memorial Hospital.

Mrs. Hattie WRIGHT passed away November 25 at Wallowa Memorial Hospital.

Mary A. RENFROW passed away December 4 in Forest Grove.

Oscar FISHER, 63, passed away suddenly on Thanksgiving day in Caldwell, Idaho.

Roy L. BASFORD passed away Thursday, December 4, at Wallowa Memorial Hospital.

Mrs. W.R. Duncan passed away suddenly in La Grande December 5.

N.C. JONES was killed when his plane crashed into a hillside near Halfway December 11.

James Lee HINKLEY, brother of Clif Hinkley, was killed the last of November in a car accident at Yerrington, Nevada.

Jack FARRENS of Boise, stepfather of Jim VICTOR, took his life December 16.

W.E. LEWIS, 94, passed away December 14 at Sandpoint, Ida.

Baby Charles Frederick PICKLE passed away Friday, December 19. He was 5 1/2/ months old.

Paul Meredith BAKER of Milton-Freewater passed away at St. Anthony Hospital in Pendleton.

Samuel Grover HUFFMAN, 66, of Cove passed away in a La Grande hospital December 20.

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