Minam, Wallowa County, Oregon

Contributed by Orvetta Harmon

     Across the Minam bridge runs the only practicable wagon road leading into Wallowa County.  For years the great bulk of the travel to and from the county went by stages over this route.  The railroad now carries the bulk of the traffic, and it follows the old wagon road through the canyon of the Wallowa River, and runs a few rods from the bridge across the Minam.  Travel on the road is nothing now compared with what it was before the railroad was built.  In winter the highway is used very little, but in summer it is a favorite drive for pleasure parties, traveling largely in automobiles.  The Minam River is the boundary between Union and Wallowa counties.  On the Union county side it leads to the Wallowa hill, one of the terrors of the old staging and freighting days.

Minam Lake

     In midsummer, when the lower valleys are drowsy and dusty, lovers of nature who can get away betake themselves to the high mountains.  The grass is brightest green there, the waters of the lake and creeks are icy, the days are bright and warm and the nights are cold. One mountain range in Minam Lake.  As its name indicates it is by nature the source of the Minam River.  It lies however in a basin whence flow both the Minam and the South fork of the Wallowa.  In order to give greater constancy to the summer flow of the _______________________.  ___________

The outlet of the lake into the Minam has been dammed up and a new outlet dug to the South fork.  So the lake now drains into the branch of the river that flows out of the mountains through Lostine.  A number of camping and fishing________________________________.

Wallowa County

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