Paradise, Wallowa County, Oregon

Paradise School

     There are many residents of Wallowa county who believe that the north end, on both sides of the Grande Ronde river, is the richest farming district of the state.  The soil is deep and of extraordinary fertility, and sufficient moisture falls to ensure good crops.  Irrigation is never practiced on the uplands because there are no streams for the purpose and it is not necessary anyway.  The Paradise school, Miss Joyce Castoel, teacher, is shown here, proving that this section produces something more and better than grain, stock and fruit.


     Standing between two great pine trees the photographer took this striking picture of the Paradise store.  It was promptly called the trees the "gates of Paradise", through which the spectator is looking at the central point in the north end settlement.  Paradise however is a large farming district, not a town.  With deep productive soil, it stretches from the plateau north of Flora well down to the breaks of the Grande Ronde river and of Joseph creek.  Much grain is grown on which hogs and other stock are fattened.  Fruit thrives, but is not raised for outside markets owing to the distance from the railroad and the lower towns.  Some day before long Paradise will have a railroad almost to the its border, and then a new era of intensive farming will bring still greater prosperity.

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