Wallowa County Telephone Directory, 1907

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April 1907
Wallowa County Division
F. I. Vergere, Manager and Superintendent

Lostine   Wallowa  Joseph  Enterprise

Lostine, Miss Florence Hann, Agent

Allen, J.C. Residence
Bilderback, B.A. Residence
Conley, F.G. Residence
Driver, M.E. Residence
Emmons, Charles Residence
Fitzpatrick, F.W. and Co. General Merchandise
Fitzpatrick, James Farm
Glenn, Ed Residence
Henderson & Loftus Residence
Hunter, William Residence
Halley, John Residence
Lostine Mercantile Co General Merchandise
Lostine Milling Co  
Mays and Goodman Real Estate
McKenzie and Co., S.L. Drug Store
Melquist, Mrs Charles Residence
Miles, W. M. Residence
Mason, Ed Residence
McCubbin, L.P. Residence
McAlister, James Residence
Pickett, Margaret Residence
Seeley, Dr. E.R  
Seeley, Dr. E.R Residence
Smith, C.M. Residence
Starr, H.B. Residence
Stone, J.M. Residence
Stone, J.M. Residence
Varner, N.D. Residence
Wade, Sam Residence
Wade, Wayne Residence

Wallowa Exchange, C. E. Hood, Agent

Berry, E.C. Grocery
Blue Mountain Creamery  
Baird, J.C. Restaurant
Biggs, Henry Residence
Couch & McDonald Real Estate
Couch L Residence
Croffut, N.D. Livery Stable
Cooley, A.E. Attorney
Cash Store General Merchandise
Davis, T.L. General Merchandise
English, Frank Residence
Edgar, Frank Residence
Elledge, Tom Residence
Fay, Walter Residence
Golden Rule Boarding House  
Gregg, Dr G.W. Office
Gregg, Dr G.W. Residence
Hotel McCrae  
Hood, C.E. Residence
Holmes, E.A. Residence
Hedge, George Stage Man
Hamilton, Judd Residence
Johnson, Ernest Residence
Maxwell, Bros Meat Market
Maxwell, J.E. Residence
McDaniel, C.T. Residence
McDonald, John Residence
McDonald, Hector Residence
McDonald, Hector Slaughter House
McDonald & Lantz Meat Market
Morelock,J.P. Residence
McElroy, H.J. Livery Stable
Marvin, Edgar Residence
Marvin, T.A. Residence
McRae(McCrae), William Residence
O’Brien. H.K. Forest Ranger
O’Brien. H.K. Residence
S & F. Bank  
Sherman and McLaren General Merchandise
Shell & Co. General Merchandise
Templeton, G. T. Residence
Thomas, H.H. Painter
Varner, N.D. Residence
Wallowa Drug Store  
W.M. Co Hardware and Implements
Wallowa Sun Newspaper
W.M.C. Mill
Wilson, J.H. Residence

Joseph Exchange, Mrs. Anna Barnes, Agent

Akins, H.D Hardware
Barnard Dr. J.W. Drugs
Berland, Ed Harness
Blevand, J. S Residence
Burnes, Frank Residence
Boner, C.W. Residence
Barton, H.E. Residence
Conley & McCully General Merchandise
Cole, W.B. Jr. Residence
Cavine, S.I.E. Residence
Duncan & Collinworth Livery Stable
Davidhiser, H.B. Residence
Doak, I.N. Residence
Downs, N.C. Residence
Eben, Ed Residence
Eberhard, Colon. R Attorney
Endicott, W.L. Residence
Emmons, L.B. Residence
Estes,T.N. Residence
Farmers’ C & C Co. General Merchandise
First National Bank of Joseph  
Fleanor, Dr. J. G. Drug Store
Fleanor, Dr.J.G. Residence
First Bank of Joseph  
Fulton, Ernest Residence
Fruitz, John Residence
Farnsworth, J.A. Residence
Graves. W. H. Residence
Gillespie, J.A. Residence
Green, T.H. Harness
Hotel Mitchell  
Hotel Sheets  
Houck, J.S. Residence
Hunt, H. S. Residence
Hayes, J.W. Residence
Joseph Herald  
Joseph Mercantile Co General Merchandise
Kinney, A Residence
Knapper, L Residence
Knapper, R. B. Residence
Longfellow, N.C. Residence
McCully, F.D. The Residence
McCully, F.D General Merchandise
Mann , Andrew Residence
McClain, James Residence
Meeks, C.M. Residence
Meeks, A.H. Residence
Newby, W.P. Residence
Peal, E. D. Residence
Proebstel, J.F. Residence
Reel, E.E. Mrs Residence
Reel, Frank Dray
Reel, Olin Livery
Rusk, J.P. Attorney
Robins, W.H. Residence
Rohrman Bros. General Merchandise
Ricker, H.N. Planing Mill
Rice, Charles Residence
Roup, E. T. Residence
Rudger, Albin Residence
Rudger, P.R. Residence
Trainor,William Billiard Room
Taylor, Dr. H.H. Dentist
Thompson,Dr. J.H. Residence
Varnum,C.H. Residence
Warnock, D.W. Residence
Walch, J.D. Real Estate
Wurzweiler, Albert Office
Williams, S.P. Residence

Enterprise Exchange

Anderson, E. T.  Dr. Office
Anderson, E.T. Dr. Residence
Ault, C.E. Dr. Residence
Boatman, W.C. Residence
Borland, L Harness
Boyd, B.B. Residence
Boyd, Daniel, Attorney Office
Burnaugh, L Residence
Blue Mountain Creamery  
Buckford, J.W. Residence
Bloom, Mrs, R.W. Residence
Boyd, Daniel Residence
Burleigh, J.A. Lawyer
Beecher, Henry Residence
Boswell, C.C. Residence
Calvin, W.L. Barber
County Clerk Office
County Sheriff Office
County Judge Office
Clarke, Franke Residence
Chase, Waldo Residence
Craig, W.F. Residence
County Club  
Denny, J.A. Imnaha
Dobbin,J.H. Residence
E.M. & M. Co. General Merchandise
Emmons Bros Livery Stable
Enterprise Livery & Feed Barn  
Eads, W.C. Residence
Forsythe, E.J. Residence
Forsythe, E.J. Power House
Funk & Graves Butchers
Funk & Co. W.J. General Merchandise
Funk, C.E. Residence
Funk, J.A. Residence
French, J.A. Residence
Flowers, John H. Laundry
Flowers, Bros Soft Drinks
Green, T.H. Harness
Graves, W.H. Residence
Holmes. W.R. Residence
Hotel Enterprise  
Hartshorn & Weaver Hardware
Haney, C. S Planing Mill
Hotchkiss, M.E Residence
Haas, J Residence
Hanson, William Residence
Harte, E.A. Residence
Homan, Wilber Residence
Johnson & Makin Planing Mill
Johnson, L.C. Residence
Johnson, Jack Residence
Johnson, Jack Horse Ranch
Johnson, A. W. Residence
Kerns, J.W. Residence
Kooch, J.B. Residence
Lockwood, C.M. Residence
Litch, Sam Residence
Miller, A.C. Residence
Mayfield & Yandell Drug Store
Mccully Co., F.D The General Merchandise
Makin, E.O. Residence
Opera House  
O’Brien, George Residence
Oakes, H. E. Plumber
Pratt,C.R. Residence
Rackett Store  
Ratcliff, G.I. Furniture
Reavis, F.A. Residence
R.S. & E Co. General Merchandise
Reynolds,B.A. Residence
Sheahan, D.W. Attorney Office
Sheriff, County Office
Sanders. J.P. Photographer
Stubblefield, R.F. Residence
Stubblefield, M Residence
Saunns, W.P Undertaker
Snyder,W.M. Residence
Taggert, W.E. Real Estate
Vergere, F.L Supt. Home Ind Tel. Co. for Wallowa County
Vest, Clarence Mrs Residence
Wallowa National Bank  
Wallowa Chieftain  
Wallowa Abstract Co  
Watson, Irvin Railroad Surveyor
White Front Livery Barn  
Wallowa News  
Watson, W. E. A. Residence
Yandell, D.C. Residence
Yandell, William Hotel
Zurcher, Charles Residence

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