Important Dates in Oregon History


1513:--- Balboa discovered Pacific Ocean
1520:--- Magellan sails through the straits
1539:--- Ulloa's voyage to 28 degrees north
1542:--- Cabrillo followed California coast line
1579:--- Sir Francis Drake names New Albion (California)


1602/3:--- Viscaino's voyage; d'Aguillar reports a river near where Columbia was afterward discovered


1728:--- Bering discovered straits between the continents
1741:--- Bering and Cherikoff sailed along Alaskan coast
1765:--- First know use of name Oregon or Ouragon, by Maj. Robert Rogers
1774:--- Perez reaches 54 degree 40' north and discovers Nootka Sound.
1775:--- Heceta's voyage, passed Columbia River
1778:--- Capt. Cook's visit, begins fur trade on coast
1778:--- Carver's Travels published, with maps, using the name Oregon
1787:--- Barkley discovers Strait of Juan de Fuca
1789-90:--- Nootka Sound controversy begins
1792-4:--- Vancouver maps the northwest coast
1792:--- Capt. Robert Gray discovers Columbia River
1793:--- Mackenzie first to reach the Pacific overland


1803:--- Louisiana purchased from France
1804-6:--- Lewis and Clark expedition overland to the mouth of Columbia River
1810:--- Winship brothers attempt settlement on Columbia
1811:--- Astor fort established near mouth of Columbia
1811:--- Tonquin disaster, Fort Okanogan founded
1813:--- Astoria becomes Fort George under British flag
1814:--- Treaty of Ghen closing war with Great Britain
1818:--- Astoria returned to US. Old Fort Walla Walla founded by North West Company
1818:--- First Joint-Occupancy Treaty with Great Britain
1819:--- Treaty with Spain fixing northern boundary of California at 42 degree north
1824:--- American treaty with Russia limiting latter's southern boundary at 54 degree 40' north
1825:--- Fort Vancouver, on Columbia River, founded by Hudson's Bay Company
1827:--- Second Joint-Occupancy Treaty with Great Britain
1828:--- Jedediah S. Smith enters Oregon from California
1829:--- Location at Willamette Falls (Oregon City) by the Company
1830:--- First wagons in Rocky Mountains at head of Wind River.
1832:--- Capt. Wyeth reaches Vancouver overland
1833:--- Fort Nisqually established on Puget Sound
1834:--- Fort Hall established in southern Idaho
1834:--- Methodist Mission in Willamette Valley established under Jason Lee
1837:--- Whitman and Spalding Missions established
1841:--- Pioneer settlers cross plains to Oregon; first steps toward local government
1842:--- Whitman hurries east to save his Mission
1843:--- Great immigration; first wagons westward from Fort Hall
1843:--- Provisional Government begun, May 2nd
1844:--- First house erected in Portland
1845:--- Reorganized Provisional Government
1846:--- Treaty with Great Britain established Oregon title and defines northern boundary at 49 degree north... (concluded June 15, proclaimed by President Aug 5, 1846)
1847:--- Whitman massacre; Cayuse war
1848:--- California gold discovery
1849:--- Oregon Territory established (Aug 14, 1848). Began government March 3, 1849
1850:--- Steamship mail service from San Francisco to Columbia River established
1851:--- Portland is incorporated
1853:--- Washington Territory established; Pacific railroad surveys authorized
1853-1859:--- Indian wars
1857:--- Constitutional convention at Salem, August and September. (Ratified by popular vote on 2nd Monday of Nov)
1859:--- Oregon admitted as state (14 Feb 1859). Propositions of Congress accepted by the State 3 June 1859
1863:--- Idaho Territory established
1864:--- Montana Territory established. Through telegraphy line between Portland and California points established
1868:--- Railroad building Oregon to California begun. First cargo of wheat shipped to foreign parts
1869:--- Union and Central Pacific Railroads connected, May 10 (Promontory Point, Utah)
1872:--- Modoc Indian War.
1873:--- Great fire at Portland
1877:--- Nez Perce Indian War
1878:--- Bannock Indian War
1883:--- North Pacific last spike celebration Sept 8; Oregon Railway and Navigation line connected at Ainsworth. Completed to Huntington, 1884)
1884:--- Railroad south from Portland reaches Ashland, May 5, (Completed Dec 7, 1887)
1898:--- Oregon troops in first military expedition to the Philippines


1905:--- Lewis and Clark Centennial Exposition at Portland
1907:--- Spokane, Portland and Seattle Railway constructed
1913:--- South Jetty at mouth of Columbia River completed
1917:--- North Jetty completed; forty-two feet at mean low water at the mouth of Columbia River
1917:--- Mobilization of Oregon Guard, March 25; war declared April 6th
1918:--- Armistice signed, November 11th



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