Wingville Grange, Book Notes

List of Book Notes sold to finance the remodeling 1936, cost $5.00

We do not know what the Ch is following some of the names.

Roy Anderson, Ch
Lenora Anderson
Walter Perkins
Alice Perkins
Frank Baird
Leo Brown
Eva McCord
Fred Hill
Nell Irby, Ch
B.E. Jacobs
Jack Turner
Ossie Turner
John Wells
Crystal Wells
Lila Schuetz
Laura Tibbs
Thomas Tibbs
Ella Haskins
Faith Waltz Ch.
Fred Spence
Malvina Spence
Lola Craeger
B.C. Jacobs
Joe Leonnig
Cora Leonnig
James Ashwood
Elsie Ashwood
Joseph Freeman, Ch.
Dorothy Perkins
Edward Schilling
George Balch
Valene Balch
Harold Snell
Dorothy Snell
Donald D. Bookout
Joseph Osborn, Ch
Jessie Sturgill
Cecil Sturgill
Louis Osborn
Mamie Schroeder
Albert Schroeder
Wallace Simrell
Bertha Simrell
Fred Schuetz,, Ch
George Erickson
Alma Erickson
Emil Kipling
Irmal Kinnison
Carrie Kinnison
Walter Irby
Glenn Morin
Edith Morin
D.A. Crager Ch
D.M. Cartmill
Merritt Waltz
Guy Smith
John Payton
Florence Payton
Hester Ann McCoullough
Vernon Hayhurst
Pearl Hayhurst
Alice Schilling, Ch
Wilma Freeman
J.Q. Freeman
A.W. Tiedemann
Portia Westenskow
Fred J. Read
Esther Perkins
W.A. Cartmill


Wingville Grange

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